Riviera Dev 2011

Les conférences du soleil : 20-21 octobre 2011 à Sophia-Antipolis


WebSmatch, a web environment for schema matching - Social-based Peer-to-Peer recommendation system and Shared-Data Overlay Network


Two demonstrations of tools will be presented in addition to a presentation of Shared-Data Overlay Network system:

The goal of the WebSmatch project is to develop a set of tools and services (Web service, Eclipse plugin) providing an easy way to match data from heterogenous sources. As OpenData tends to be an important topic, we work in collaboration with DataPublica website which propose more than 10 000 files of data. This project will also provide a GWT GUI to play with. You can see it here : : http://websmatch.gforge.inria.fr/

The general problem we address is large-scale content sharing for on-line communities. Consider, for instance, a scientific community (e.g., in bio-informatics, physics or environmental science) where community members are willing to share large amounts of documents (including images, experimental data, etc) stored in their local servers. Assume also that they don’t want to lose control over their data at a central site. A promising solution is to organize community members in a peer-to-peer (P2P) overlay network, with the advantages of decentralized control, peer autonomy and scalability.

For this purpose we propose a social-based P2P recommendation system (P2Prec) for large-scale content sharing that leverages content-based and social-based recommendation. The main idea is to recommend high quality documents related to query topics and contents hold by useful friends (of friends) of the users, by exploiting friendship networks.

We have implemented a prototype of P2Prec using the Shared-Data Overlay Network (SON), an open source development platform for SOA-P2P networks using GWT, JXTA and OSGi technologies. SON components communicate by asynchronous message passing to provide weak coupling between system entities. To scale up and ease deployment, we rely on a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) for publishing and discovering services or data.

This works are achieved in the Zenith inria team (Scientific Data Management)

Track: Recherche
Slot: 20 Oct 2011 10:15 - 11:15